Reforging the Sword – the purpose

Recently I sat down to begin writing a story that had been brewing in my mind for a while. But as I picked up pen and paper, I found myself floundering in terrible sentences, dry action, and the worst writing I had done in years. I hadn’t written prose for several months, if not over a year, and I realized that I had let that skill of my life become rusty. That great sword, the pen, was gifted to me by God, and yet I had neglected to use it, thus letting it gather dust on the back burner. 

Well. No more.

I’ve begun keeping a journal, in which I’ll do a short writing exercise every day by flipping through a thesaurus and writing about whatever word I happen to stop on. I’ve never been much for blogs – too much of a trendy thing to do – but this seemed like an ideal thing to post. So although I might not post daily, I will try to at least write daily and post the results when I can.

An important thing to point out is that none of these entries are edited. There will most likely be misspellings (though hopefully not) and missing words (I tend to do that a lot). I’m trying not to go back and correct things, but simply get the stream flowing again.

Therefore, this is the beginning. The reforging of the sword.


2 thoughts on “Reforging the Sword – the purpose”

  1. Jesse, this is Jacob Boelman. I am inspired by what you said. We have been gifted with great things, such as writing. To not use the gifts God has given us would be a very sad thing indeed. I would LOVE to read some of the short stories and such that you are working on and would LOVE for you to give me some feed back on some of the stuff I am writing. Of course I have this blog (that I am trying to update once a week) and then I have a few short stories and screenplays I would love to send you when I get them to a suitable state to read.

    Anyway, like the blog and am really interested in some of the short stories you have been writing. One of the best ways to sharpen your blade, is through Iron sharpening Iron.

    God Bless
    Jacob Boelman

  2. Hey Jacob! Yeah, I’ll totally read anything you send me, and feel free to send me any comments about my writing. Not sure how often I’ll be updating this blog, but glad you like it!

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