9/03/09 – The train's amovin'

Hey there. Haven’t been here for a while. In fact, it looks like no one has. Nobody’s visited for a long time…but then it was never about that, was it?

Writing’s going well. I’m working little by little on the story of Chris and his adventures in Seskone, and it’s going really well! The writing is so much easier than at the start of the year. Thank you, Lord! I think a good part of it is simply pressing on even when it’s tough, even when the muscle was way out of shape and the sword was rusty and unused. I haven’t heard it myself, but I can imagine God or someone saying, “It’s because of what you invested into your writing. You took time, you paid money to go to a conference – you’ve invested, and now you get to reap.”

Probably true. Either way, the train’s amovin’, back on the tracks. I think I’ll be able to start writing about the prodigal miner (for lack of a better title), too. I was driving around a couple of weeks ago and the solution to the first act just popped into my head, clear as a bell. Most likely God; who else could it be?

So. Working the sword. (Speaking of which, there’s a documentary that looks really good, called “Reclaiming the Blade”. I looked at its website yesterday and they have a two-disc dvd for $30. I really want to get it. Soon, very soon….) “Daddy, help me to be faithful with the gifts you’ve given me. Thanks for helping me with Seskone, and lead me on!”


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