9/23/09 – Write on


Yep, still writin’. Things are good. I think Seskone will need revision – strike that, I know it will need revision – but it’s progressing. The stream is flowing once more, thank the Lord. Not a sword yet, most like, but progressing. Maybe a small dagger…with a slightly dulled edge….

But better than a rusty sword in the corner :)

Speaking of swords, there’s a sweet documentary I really want to watch. At least it looks awesome. It’s called “Reclaiming The Blade” (http://www.reclaimingtheblade.com/main/), and looks right up my alley. One of these days I shall buy it and revel.

On another side note, I recently borrowed a book from a friend on Romanticism. Looks like it’ll be an interesting read. I didn’t work that hard with my Lit. major in college, so time to study a bit on my own.

Well, gotta go. Keep on sharpening that sword.


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