The Threshold

Today was the day. He could feel it. It was like the first rain of spring, or the first leaf that falls in the autumn; except this, this was beyond either of those.

One step. That’s all it was going to take. One step and he’d be through the door, and then it would begin. Could he handle it? Could he take it? What if it was too big?

Forget that. He was made for this. God had told him the story. They had come here, together, he and God, and God had fashioned for him a shelter, glorious in its ornaments and breathtaking in its simplicity. And now he was about to step through the doorway, the threshold designed solely, only, for this specific moment; he could hardly contain himself.

He peeked through. He wasn’t supposed to, but he did anyway, unable to keep from doing it. He saw her, and his heart skipped a beat. His breath caught in his lungs and he jerked back, throwing himself through the air with an exploding heart of joy and dripping with golden delight.

She had smiled, lighting her face with a thousand stars. Her eyes, simple and pure, beamed with the flame of Heaven’s fires, and he nearly melted at its heat. Him? She would accept him? Mystery upon mysteries, he dared to believe it so.

He checked his pocket again to make sure it was still there. It was, and he clasped that sacred parchment tight in his hand. His covenant, granted to him afresh by God that morning, showing plainly his name, written in bold, fiery strokes, and next to his, written smoothly and with elegance, was her name. It astounded him even now, looking at it for the hundredth time that morning, that she would choose him. She had chosen him, and it dropped him to his knees at the very thought.

There! At last the trumpet of Heaven sounded and he gathered himself for the step, the step that would mark the course of today, that would do so much, with the look of such ease, bringing glory upon glory to God and the work of His hands. Who would dare think that he would stand here, today of days, with the honor and privilege of walking hand in hand with his beloved!

But, dream of dreams, it was so.

And with a final deep breath, the Sun stepped from his tent fashioned by the hands of God and strode forth to his bride, Day, and began his journey through the sky.

(Ps. 19:4-5)


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