12/05/09 – Still truckin'

Remember how I used to write on my blogs fairly regularly? Man, those were the days….

I’m still writing; a bit, at least. The problem that stopped me short was, while writing Seskone, Chris finally got under water, and I realized I didn’t know what under water looked like. Whoops! I’m all for imagining stuff, but it’d be cool to have at least a bit of reality. The good news is it shouldn’t be too hard to find out what under water looks like, so I just need to research it. Things are getting busy at work (onething conference in three weeks!), and I haven’t had (or really taken) the time to research it.

One bit of writing I’ve done recently was at the Salt Lake City Airport, on my way back from Thanksgiving in Portland. I think it was a mixture of reading The Once and Future King (crazy book) and seeing the mountains of Salt Lake standing like blocks across from the airport. I started writing, and came up with about a page or so of two brothers running into the mountains. Obviously there needed to be a threat, so three large beasts (are they human or animal?) showed up, and they dove into the ravines and headed up the mountains. Not sure where it’ll go, but it’s fun to write. I’m toying with the idea of messengers… at first it was angels for God, but that doesn’t leave any room for doubt and struggle… so I think it might be something with messengers. And that’s all I have.

So life keeps moving. Keep pressing on, being faithful in what I can. I also have a box full of writing books from Grandma Koepke, so I should bust out some of those. And keep writing screenplays. Boy oh boy.

“Help me be faithful, Daddy! Give me your inspiration! Your creation and the book you’re writing about the earth and about me is incredible, so could you help me with my writing? Thanks for giving me talent with words – it sure is fun :) Thanks for being such an awesome God.”

Until next time (which hopefully won’t be two more months), keep that sword to the grindstone.


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