12/16/09 – Renewing

Something the other day reminded me of… oh yeah! It was a roommate of mine talking about writing a screenplay about Adam and Eve, and an image he had of them running down the hill as the flaming sword rushed overhead to block the entrance to Eden. And that reminded me of that cool story idea I had, about a boy who is pulled into three different realms at the beginning of creation…

… called Seskone.

Yep, gotta keep writing. I might start over and try and start fresh, now that I have a bit of an idea of where I’m going. I really just want to get to the sky, and to the Child-Weaver, and to the screaming beetles. In time, I suppose. The hardest part is not knowing what underwater looks like. Can’t be big and wide and empty; that’s what it is now.

What was the ocean like right after it was created?

It’s questions like these that start a story. “Help me, Daddy. Help me proclaim your might to another generation!”


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