1/5/10 – Forging ahead

Hello, 2010!

Just wanted to post something quick, since it’s a new year and all. Not sure what I’ll be working on writing-wise this year, but one thing’s for sure: I gotta keep that sword to the grindstone.

I have an idea for a couple of short stories (the Child-Weaver, and Whenton), so hopefully those will get done. The Child-Weaver is something I thought of while writing Seskone, so hopefully I’ll get that out.

Speaking of Seskone, will I continue? I would like to. This happens to me every once in a while, where I get going on a project and then reach a roadblock, either of my own ignorance of a subject (under water in Seskone) or I don’t quite know how to go on (The Wall comic series). I hope to keep going with Seskone (and The Wall, for that matter), but we’ll have to see.

I also have a goal of finishing a screenplay this year. I just gotta! Maybe the prodigal miner, or perhaps Gunslinger, or maybe even (gasp) Alden. The point is, I need to press ahead and stop writing notes.

Oh! Just remembered a big change I’m going to do. The past five years I’ve been making outlines and writing notes and trying to figure out the story before I start writing. But when have I ever done that?! I’ve never written a story like that! Everything I’ve written has been based off of an image or a scene to which I knew I wanted to get. Why aren’t I writing screenplays like that?! I’ve said it’s because I can’t flow as easily with the screenplay format, like I can with prose, but after five years I kind of feel confident that I can. So I think I’m going to give that a try. Stop worrying about outlines, stop worrying about an act turn at thirty pages, and just write.

Just write.

One other thing I need to get: Reclaiming the Blade. Indeed.

Well, happy 2010. We’ll see what happens. Lead on, Jesus!


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