2/5/10 – Keepin' on

I wrote stuff during January, I promise. Just not on here : ) I also went a screenwriting class that Act One put on here at IHOP; a two-day seminar that was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, it was one of the best things I’ve ever gone to, I think because it was an application of everything I’ve been looking at over the last few months about Story and how I should tell them as a son of God. So it was excellent to hear how they as Christians do it, and it helped remind me of and give me more practical things to do while writing.

I’m working on a few things, all in different areas of storytelling:

1) prodigal miner script. I had some great notes about this yesterday. I want to keep the story moving, so taking a cue from Pride and Prejudice (2005) I want to have a new decision come up every fifteen minutes. Thus, a couple of days ago I sat down and wrote out the seven decisions I want my main character to make, and THAT was the best thing I’ve done so far. I actually came up with seven great things that drive him and the story forward, and that vague, illusive Act 2 filled out and had some substance to it.  My next step will be to fill out a rough beat sheet and then get to writing.

2) He Loves Me script. This is a short film that I’m working on with a friend here at IHOP. I think we’re getting close to a final draft, so hopefully we’ll be able to start making it soon!

3) The Wall. I hadn’t touched this for a while, but for some reason I’ve been having thoughts about it lately, and I think I’m going to pick it back up. I had some really good thoughts about it the other day, stuff that will help with character and story. I think I’m going to try and put together a bible for it and get Pat and Beka to help do some writing. It’ll be a good project to collaborate on, I think. Really excited about it.

4) Seskone. I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madaleine L’engle in January, and I realized that a kid’s novel doesn’t have to be long and epic. It can be a simple story told in 200 pages, probably around 40-50,000 words. I can totally do that with Seskone. So even though I haven’t sat down and written anymore (still stuck with the underwater stuff), I want to push ahead with it.

5) Various short stories, including The Child-Weaver. I want to continue to write small stories, such as a story about the Child-Weaver (I think part of my deliverance in realizing the Father’s love will come through writing this). So it’ll be something I just keep pushing forward with.

Additionally, I’m going to read scripts. I’ve read two already, and I think continuing to do so will help me get a sense for the timing and style of screenplays. If I wanted to write a novel, I’d read lots of books, right? Same applies to scripts.

So, busy times. Good to have something to keep me busy. I think the key is being faithful in what is right before me, stuff I can actually do right now with my current resources. I think you falter when you spend all your time dreaming about epic movies but never doing anything to practically get there. So. Keep on keepin’ on, stay faithful, and pray for strength. “Help me, God!”

Oh, two last things: I turn 25 tomorrow, and I ordered Reclaiming the Blade. Woo-hoo!!


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