02/12/10 – Mind's Eye

I’ve discovered a new author: Robin McKinley. She’s fantastic. I’m about done with The Blue Sword (started it about three days ago), and it’s fantastic. I went to bed last night soaked with words. And it was then that I began to think how much more enjoyable it is to travel through worlds in books than in movies. James Cameron’s Avatar is fun and enjoyable, but if you REALLY want to experience a different world, a world fully formed with language and fauna and animals, a world with real people, you must read. I’ve been to Middle-Earth and Narnia, Damar and Perelandra; I’ve walked thousands of miles and seen hundreds of animals. As I went to bed last night I thought of the places I’ve been, worlds that I have almost, just almost, literally walked in. And that is much more enjoyable than watching someone else do it on a movie screen.

I could spend all day watching a screen / And have someone else imagine for me / But I’d rather visit a thousand worlds / Through books in mind’s eye, inwardly.

Read. And then read some more.


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