3/24/10 – The Answer

Hey, been a while. Sorry about that. I’ve been doing a little bit of writing, but been focusing on other stuff for a while. Oh, I know what it was: I went to Montana the last week/first week of February/March, and I haven’t written on here since then. That’s what happened. Man, those trips, I tell ya. Especially to the mountains. Mm, mountains….

I finished a book last week by Stephen R. Lawhead (one of my favorite authors) called Byzantium, and I was reminded again of how good of a book it is. Not quite the scope of Dickens’ David Copperfield (which is a masterpiece), but similar in that it tracks three years of a character’s life and shows you how he progresses – or rather DIgresses from faith to anger at God. What was great to rediscover (I read it a few years ago) was the ANSWER Lawhead gives at the end.

That’s what I think it comes down to: the answer. As I try to figure out how to rightly, Godly tell stories that point people to Jesus, I’ve come to think that the real issue is what answer are you giving the audience? So the world ends in Roland Emmerich’s 2012, what answer does he give? WHAT’S THE SOLUTION? In 2012, it was the strength of humanity to overcome and perform impossible feats and also the goodness of mankind to help each other that saves the day. But that is false. The only answer can possibly be Jesus, and I want the stories that I tell to reflect that.

Ha, reflect. That’s the key thing, right there. “A mirror dimly”…. I want to reflect the truth and glory of God. I want to give people the right answers. THERE IS HOPE: Jesus.

What I forgot about in Byzantium was the full extent of the answer. In the end the main character, Aidan, realizes that God knows all that has happened to him. He wasn’t far off and ignoring him; he knew what Aidan was going through, and that turns Aidan back to him. But I forgot the most important part: it’s not just that Jesus knows, but that HE SUFFERED JUST AS WE DO.

“Surely, this is the heart of the great mystery: that God became man, shouldering the weight of suffering so that on the final day none could say, ‘Who are you to judge the world? WHat do you know of injustice? What do you know of torture, sickness, poverty? How dare you call yourself a righteous God! What do you know of death?’ He knows. He knows!”

The answer is that I can have and hold onto hope even in the midst of the worst suffering, because Christ suffered too! CHRIST BECAME MAN and walked on this earth and suffered just as we do! And now that he sits at the right hand of the Father, we know that we have an advocate before the throne of God. Think of it! I have an advocate before the very throne of God Almighty who KNOWS MY SUFFERING! He knows intimately my every struggle and tension! No temptation comes before me that is not unknown to Him!

What God is this that knows me so?

THAT’S the answer people need to know. People need to know that there is hope. Oh the world longs and hungers for hope! Not a wish, but HOPE, a confident assurance and looking forward to what is coming. I read the screenplay for The Mist a while ago, and the solution in the end was that there was no hope. Oh! The world cries for hope!

And by the grace of God, I want to reflect his hope to a desperate world.


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