4/9/10 – On the Wings of a Shout

I figured out a melody on the piano earlier tonight, and then jotted down a few lyrics.

I tried so hard / to find you in the storm / to hear your voice / in the heat of the flame. I searched and I searched / spinning endlessly in the wind / but nothing, nothing / was in the air. / And then you came / riding on the whisper….

At first it was meant to be a song about trusting God and a mirror of what Elijah encountered on the mountainside, when God was not in the earthquake, or the fire, or the storm, but in the whisper. But as I played it more, and figured out some sweet chords for the last couple of lines, it seemed way more epic than just that….

The line “and then you came, riding on the whisper” seems to grab me somehow… epic…. I think it’s… He came riding in a whisper, but He’ll come again riding on the wings of a shout.

And so I wrote this:

At the end of the age, the armies of men gathered together, their forces arrayed in the west, seeking to save their man-made Eden. They gloated and boasted of their might, proclaimed their mighty deeds to one another, and the clammer of their spears and shields was loud.

But then… a rumble in the east. A glow against the horizon. A tremor went through the ranks, and all voices fell still….

Over the ridge burst a great man astride a mighty white horse. Upon his thigh was written Faithful and True, and forth from his mouth came a sharp and two-edged sword. He came with the thunder of hooves, and behind him rushed the hosts of heaven, clad in white, their voices lifted high with praise for the King over all kings.

And He came! He came on the wings of a shout, a shout like the roar of many waters! The ground trembled and the armies of men quailed. They turned to run, but before the sword of the Bridegroom there was no retreat. With a shout that split the heavens and clove the Mount Olives in two He came on, a torrent unstoppable, a majesty undeniable, a mastery unquestionable, a reign undefiable.

Oh man! I need to keep… something… I just can’t grasp it…. The epicness of that moment! When the Bridegroom, the King of Glory, rides to meet the forces of men in THE climactic battle of the age! Does it get any more epic than that? And being like one telling the story afterward to those who didn’t see it, to children, “And then HE came! HE, the one we had all been waiting for! He broke onto the scene, riding on the wings of His shout that split the heavens, a might incontestable, a glory inescapable!” Oh! I can hear the music playing! The build of the drums to the breaking lose of glory and majesty and praise to the throne of the King! Oh! Let me play it! Let the ecstasy of high praise to the King on His day of victory consume me! For He is coming on the clouds, clothed in majesty, surrounded by the hosts of heaven. At long last we will see Him in full glory, unshielded, unhidden, as the Son of Man was only once seen during his time on earth. “Bow! All you who live and move and breathe! For the King of Glory is come! Open up you gates! Fling wide you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in!”

Oh… to fascinated by the Man, the Son of God….


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