5/22/10 – The Fundamentals

Stephen Venable’s message on the glory of God is really messing me up – in a good way, of course. It’s so simple, that all things are for the glory of God, but it’s so easy to forget! And I’ve forgotten it, that simple purpose for my life, and now as I’ve reconsidered it over the last few weeks, the profundity of it blows me away.

This seems like a subject that should be on a theological blog somewhere and not on one about writing. But the centrality of the glory of God is, in fact, vital to the discussion of writing. If I don’t have this one primary thing down, if I don’t have the right target in view as I aim my arrow, if I don’t have the right foundation for why I do what I do and for Whom I’m doing it, everything will be off. I’ll miss the mark.

I feel like my foundation is being brought back to where it should be. A more appropriate name now for the blog might be Repouring the Foundations.

A good friend, Mrs. Carole Davenport (http://lovegiftsministries.com), recently sent out a newsletter that talked about the intentionality of God as He works in our lives. “What a privilege to serve God knowing that we are in His divine plan! To acknowledge that God thought this through … we were not randomly placed! None of us were mistakes. Every detail of our lives is as carefully designed and laid out as the wonders of the human body. Rest in Him. Trust in Him. Yield to Him. It’s the best place to be!”

To add to this, I recently asked God why He was leading my life in a particular direction, and why He chose to do it in the way in which He did it. Why this way, of all the ways from which to chooose? Why not some other way, some way that I’ve seen before? Why this way? And he simply, quietly replied, “I’m doing it in the way that will bring me the most glory.”

Everything Daddy does in our lives is done in the way that will bring Him the most glory, that will cause the most people to turn to Him and say, “God! You are incredible!”

It’s these things, the fundamentals about God, about who He is, about who I am, about how I should relate to Him, and about how I should communicate that to others – it’s these fundamental things that I’m being reminded of, and it’s blowing me away. And it feels oh so good : )

(To download Stephen Venable’s message, click here: http://media.ihop.org.s3.amazonaws.com/74d6315b-408e-4e8c-a59c-df886531d899.mp3)


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