On the Wings of Shout

At the end of the age, the armies of men gathered together, their forces arrayed in the west, seeking to save their man-made Eden. They gloated and boasted of their strength, proclaimed their mighty deeds to one another, and the clammer of their spears and shields was loud.

But then… a rumble in the east. A glow against the horizon. A tremor went through the ranks, and all voices fell still….

The sky burned red and suddenly a great and mighty Shout, deep and clear, shook the earth. The armies of men fell back and clung to their weapons with weak hands.

Then over the ridge burst a mighty white horse, and astride it was a Man. He is called Faithful and True, and forth from his mouth came a sharp and two-edged sword. He came with the thunder of hooves, and behind him rushed the hosts of heaven, clad in white, their voices lifted high with praise for the King over all kings.

And He came! He came on the wings of a shout, a shout like the roar of many waters! The ground trembled and the armies of men quailed. They turned to run, but before the sword of the Bridegroom there was no retreat. With a shout that split the heavens and clove the Olive Mount in two He came on, a torrent unstoppable, a majesty undeniable, a mastery unquestionable, a might incontestable, a reign undefiable, a glory inescapable.

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

(1 Thess. 4:16, Rev. 19:11)


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