Jesse Koepke, the freelancer

After editing videos for almost ten years, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Montana in Digital Filmmaking, and working full-time as a video editor for two and a half years at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, I’ve begun to think about freelancing.

Freelancing is a huge field about which I really don’t know anything. I’ve started reading some stuff and talking to a co-worker, and it’s pretty overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider, and a lot of hard work involved. I am most certainly not opposed to hard work, but right now, as I stand on this side of the ocean and consider the ship which I have to build, the crew I need to assemble, and the distance that lies between me and the other side, I feel myself wanting to quietly crawl back to my little room and not dare it.

But if all adventurers had succumbed to that feeling, where would we be?

No one would have walked on the moon, no one would have crossed the Atlantic, and, if the greatest Adventurer of them all, Jesus, had given in, we wouldn’t be washed of our sins and adopted into the family of God.

Thus, though fear knocks at my door and apathy beckons me to its couch, I set my resolve and strike out to follow my Lord’s example.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but better an exciting ride through the mountains of adventure and risk than the flat tedium of complacency and fear.

My goal for this blog is to post about the projects I work on (both at my current job at IHOP-KC and hopefully freelance jobs as they come in) and, at the beginning, my process and journey of starting to freelance. Hopefully you’ll find them informative, humorous, and worth your time.

So as C.S. Lewis wrote in The Last Battle, “Further up and further in!”


2 thoughts on “Jesse Koepke, the freelancer”

  1. Yeah, hopefully it’ll be fun! I’ll try and keep this blog for solely business related topics. Should be interesting!

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