It’s December

It’s December. Here’s a few thoughts:

1 – I posted on this blog almost regularly for close a year or so; at least one or two posts a month. Then Summer 2010 hit…. Life happened, and issues more important arose. I could have hammered off a post or two, I suppose, but I’m the type of person who, if you’re going to do something, likes to do it right—especially when it comes to writing. So rather than post a half-written, half-thought-out blog, I simply didn’t. Apologies for the gap. (To all one of my readers. Thanks, sis.)

2 – I’ve kept up a good stream of reading this year. I haven’t counted lately, but I’m pretty sure I’ve surpasses last year’s count. Not that it’s about the number, but it’s a fun fact. And Lord knows I’m all about fun facts. Currently I’m reading a book by John Keegan called The First Word War. I don’t didn’t know much about WWI and it’s blowing me away. The sheer number of men who died leaves me aghast; 24,000 men died in one 8-day battle by Greece. Inconceivable. It’s taking me a while to finish the book (due to numbers 3 and 4), but I want to finish it before the year’s out. So I should probably get off the internet….

3 – What has really thrown my last two or three months for a loop is joining Twitter. For the three years since Twitter launched I have adamantly avoided it. I spend enough time on Facebook; why should I spend time on something that is just a status bar? What’s the point in that? And I don’t have anything to tweet about anyway; people don’t need to know my every move and breath.

But then in September-ish I started thinking about freelance video editing. (besides a writer, I’m a video editor. Sorry for holding out on you.) I looked at what I would need to do to get into the that field, and a friend also starting to freelance at the time said that Twitter is a great way to get your name out there. “Increase your online presence”, I think is the saying. So I joined Twitter (@jessekoepke.)

I stayed up till two for weeks at a time. There was just so much to read! I read about blogs and WordPress, about apps and reviews, commentary on technology. The list goes on. The biggest thing I noticed was not what I was giving on Twitter but on what I was getting. You should join Twitter because of what you can learn. Everything I’ve read in the last couple of months (and I’ve read a lot) has all been from websites I have never visited. There is so much content out there. And not just about video editing. A large part of what I’ve read is about writing. I now have a Google Reader account and follow several blogs by/for writers. (This is probably why it’s taking me so long to finish reading Keegan’s book.) Of all I’ve done in 2010, Twitter wins the “Best Yet Worst Thing For Me” award. I need to figure out a way to not let it suck up all of my time….

4 – Speaking of time, I’ve been a war correspondant for a month now. Before you ask what theater, let me explain. We set up a nerf war here in Kansas City. Over 200 people signed up (weren’t expecting that!) and have been nerfing each other through November. We called it “No Peace November”, and I’ve been acting as the war correspondant, making videos about nerfing incidents and interviewing people who have been nerfed or are still alive. You can view all of the videos (18 so far) at So needless to say, I’ve had a very busy November.

So that’s a quick recap of life. Haven’t been doing much writing on my own because I’ve been reading so much…. For three weeks in September I went to bed around 10pm and got up at 6am to study the Bible and write, but after a friend from Montana visited that schedule imploded. Not sure if I’ll get back to it. I’m trying to figure out if I’m a morning person.

So yep. Oh! Here’s another thing: if the Lord provides the money, I’m going to South Africa in February! You can read about it at

Ok. Signing off. Keep reforging that blade.


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