Practicing Typography

I’m still working on the reedit/design of the IHOPU 2010 promo. One thing I didn’t like from the old version was the graphics between the intro and first speaker quotes. They weren’t up long enough and thus were hard to read. A big factor of that was the typography of the text. It wasn’t broken up enough.

When we read, we don’t read individual letters but instead recognize the whole word, as shown by the classic Cambridge test. We take in the shape of the word and move on. So when you’re laying out text, it is therefore important to have it designed in such a way to allow the viewer to quickly scan the text and get the meaning.

That was the problem with the first way I designed the graphics for the IHOPU promo, and something I sought to remedy in the reedit. Below are the results of my Monday.

Old Version:

New Version:

I also like the new version because it more accurately matches the style of the IHOPU brochure. I think I now have a design I can apply to the graphics across the board, so now it’s on to the intro!

Hope you had a great Monday! Cheerio.


7 thoughts on “Practicing Typography”

  1. Great work. I learned on Top Gear that the fact that we recognize the shapes of words before reading them is why British highway signs are not in all caps, as they once were.

  2. Really? Wow. It’s crazy to read that Cambridge test and find yourself reading completely fine even though the letters are all jumbled up. I think I heard about that in high school and haven’t forgotten it since.

  3. Good Lord, that article is huge! Smashing Magazine is a great resource. I follow them on Twitter and they share a lot of good links. Thank for the link!

  4. Yeah, sorry about that. :) I only focused on the last bit of it on mixing up font types, etc. Kerning and such is a bit out of my league at this point!

  5. Nice work man! The second version is definitely easier to read and quicker to get than the first one. I like :)

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