Re-creating An Album Cover

My current editing project at IHOP-KC is the promo for the new album from Forerunner Music, JOY. It’s a great album and captures the songs that have come out of the IHOPU Student Awakening. Yesterday I put together the radio edit (a basic edit of the voice over and music-ups), and today I sat down to work on the graphics.

The design for the album cover is amazing, and I want the promo graphics to match it as best as possible. I got the Photoshop file from the marketing department and spent the day figuring out how they blended the layers together and recreating it in After Effects. I used some of the elements from the PSD file, like the lights and a couple of crowd pictures, but I had to recreate the textures and overlays. I think it turned out pretty good!

CD Cover:

My Version in AE:

The trick now will be to transition from live footage to this, which I think will be my ending slate for the promo. But first, I have a media department Christmas party to attend, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Or later tonight. Yeah, probably later tonight.


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