Three Latest Projects

HELLO 2011!
It’s 2011! Crazy. And I don’t have a flying car yet. The injustice of it all.

Last year ended with onething 2010, with more than 20,000 coming to KC to seek Jesus. Our editing team at IHOP-KC worked hard through December and put together a lot of sweet videos. It definitely would’ve been a much harder month without the latest additions to our team.

I worked on three promos that showed at the conference. They are posted here for your viewing enjoyment.

Software Used
Editing: Final Cut Pro
Graphics: After Effects
Coloring: Magic Bullet Looks

You automatically face an uphill battle when trying to market an End Times board game. Those two phrases are pretty paradoxical. A fun board game about the boring, serious topic of the end times? No thanks!

What we needed to show was: 1) the game is fun, and 2) the elements that make up the game (drawing, acting, and questions). The tagline at the end is especially important: “A new way to explore the end times.” It’s not about charts and graphs, but having a new way to explore how God is going to epically conclude the first part of human history. (Available at

JOY Album
My first step was to lay out the songs we wanted to highlight. Next I worked on the graphical parts in AE and figured out how I wanted to integrate the graphics. Then it was on to the b-roll edit. I scoured footage trying to find shots that captures the energy and excitement of what the Lord was doing. The final step was to color grade; I tried to match the footage with the album cover, and also overlaid all of it with a texture. (I talk HERE about recreating the CD cover in After Effects.)

My favorite shot is at the end when the violinist looks up and smiles brightly off-camera. Though not a shot we would typically put in a promo, it so perfectly captured the spirit of the album that I had to put it in. The result is an ending montage that makes me want to jump up and dance, and that’s always a good sign. (CD available from Forerunner Music)

IHOPU 2011
This is a redesign from last year’s promo, and we wanted to trim the content down (2010’s version was six min.) and rework particularly the intro graphics. Last year’s intro was a pretty rough version that didn’t match the rest of the graphics, so I wanted to unify the look.

I kept the IHOPU brochure close by and I think I matched the video with the print design really well. The promo now has a unified graphical style and also presents the vision and practicals of the college in a clear way. Mission accomplished. (Apply at

2011 for me is starting off with a bang. I visited family in Montana and Portland, Oregon, at the beginning of January and was able to buy a Macbook Pro while in Portland. That will open a lot of doors with editing, I think, and enable me to do a lot more freelancing.

One of those things will be editing videos during a ministry trip I’m going on next week to South Africa. I plan to post video updates of our trip, so keep an eye out for those. You can find those videos at

Here’s many hours of editing in 2011!


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