“Why are you a Christian?”

Lately I’ve been pondering why I am a Christian. If someone asked me, “Why should I become a Christian? Why are you one?” I don’t know what I would say. I could reply, “He heals and provides and leads you through life and gives you answers,” but… honestly, he hasn’t healed me, he hasn’t miraculously given me a bunch of money, and I don’t hear answers that often…. All the reasons I would give, I haven’t experienced. I know these things to be true because I’ve seen them happen in the lives of others and I believe the promises in the Bible, but I haven’t personally experienced them. And so I’ve been at a loss as to what to say to people.

But this last Sunday I realized that I am a Christian because Jesus in the only one who has chosen me. When others rejected me, he chose me. When others made fun of me, he called me beautiful. He validates my identity and calls me out, draws me out to be who he made me to be.

In a sentence, he has won my heart.

I chose him because he chose me first. I love him and follow him because he is the only one who serves me, calls me into my identity, who comes after me and serves me. I love him because he has won my heart.

There’s no other religion with a god who, in spite of my failings and shortcomings, comes so low and loves me so well. That’s why I follow Jesus.


4 thoughts on ““Why are you a Christian?””

  1. Hey, Koeples! Your post on facebook struck me…My response to this question is:

    “He knew all the horrible stuff I’d do…all the lies, the thougtlessness…the sin. And he wants me anyway. He’s the ultimate parent-always patient and never gives up on me.”

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