Introducing: Script & Screen

I’m proud to introduce Script & Screen, a podcast about writing, media, and life.

Script & Screen is hosted by myself and my lifelong friend, Patrick Cook. Pat and I have been making movies, telling stories, and laughing together for as long as I can remember. (Except the movie part. That started in high school.) We both graduated from the same film course at the University of Montana and are each heavily involved in writing and making videos. We talk on the phone all of the time about what we’re working on, so we thought we would record it and let you in on the conversation.

In the podcast we talk about what we’re currently writing, along with the problems and solutions we’ve encountered; our latest media projects and creative endeavors; and life, or in other words, whatever we feel like.

Eventually the podcast will have its own website and iTunes page, but for now you can find the download links for first two episodes below.

Episode 1: Not a podcast of lies

Pat and I talk about the point of the show, the projects we’ve worked on recently, how it’s not possible to not write crap, outlining, and spring in Montana. Download here.

Episode 2: I have to learn to play the Ukelele

Pat and I talk about his lead role in an upcoming play, my latest reading and what I learned about backstory, and Montana’s snowpocalypse. Download here.


3 thoughts on “Introducing: Script & Screen”

  1. Interesting episodes Jesse. I think the farther along you go the more you will understand what you want thing to be. Right now it seems like some great thoughts and advice along with a lot of awkward pauses and confusion.

  2. Ha, that’s a fair assessment of what it’s like. Yeah, it’ll probably take us a few shows to find the rhythm of how to do it. We appreciate your patience :) Hope something’s helpful in there!

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