Bent Heart: a short story

Bent Heart Cover2Roger is out of milk. A senior citizen, the last thing he wants to do is leave the house. But doing so could be the best thing for his Cheerios—and the memories he wishes he could forget.

Download the mobile-optimized PDF here.


The house was old, like him. Some days as he walked this hallway the walls seemed to lean inward, tired after so many years. He had hoped that removing thepictures would lighten their load, but somehow the hallway only felt smaller. Rectangle stains marked the empty location of pictures like headstones.

He stopped to straighten one of the two photos still on the wall. Emily smiled back at him, those faint dimples in her cheeks peeking out.

These walls could be repainted. They should be repainted.

A soft tolling of bells in the living room noted the time as half to the hour. Roger put his back to the dimples and graves and made for the front door.

I hope you enjoy it!


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