The Ways We Tell Podcast

TheWaysWeTell_ThumbThe Ways We Tell is a podcast about storytelling in multiple mediums from a biblical perspective. Originally running for 13 episodes in the fall of 2013, I talk with artists from all kind of art mediums and hear how they find ideas, how they bring those ideas to life, and how they involve their relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can listen to all 13 episodes HERE, or by searching for it in your favorite podcast app.

The Ways We Tell is no longer in production, but I learned a lot through doing it. You can hear my thoughts in Episode 14.


Flower (short film)

Several years ago I sat down with a friend outside of our work place. Micah Rose had an idea for a short film, and since I was fresh out of film school I said, “Let’s make it!”

After working on the script for three years, we finally did in 2011. I’m thankful we waited, because the cast we were able to get wouldn’t have been old enough back in 2008! I’m proud that Flower was my first post-school film, and I’d like to share it with you.

Lola is a seventeen-year old girl struggling with broken relationships. When she discovers she is pregnant, everything she hoped would give her meaning is put in jeopardy.

Kingdomwood Film Festival 2013 – 2nd place, short film narrative
Free State Film Festival 2013 – official selection

Written, produced, and directed by Micah Rose Emerson & Jesse Koepke
Cinematography by Benjamin Edwards
Original Score by John Samual Hanson
Edited by Jesse Koepke
Color Grade by Aaron Williams

Lola – Ariel O’Bannon
Lawrence – Joseph Anderson
Mom – Shelby Keith
Young Lola – Olivia Prior
Counselor – Laurie Crawford